Bike Accidents

Bike Accidents Kentucky Bicycle Accidents

Kentucky bicyclists share the roadways with motor vehicles. However, too often drivers fail to recognize the rights of bicyclists and the fact that they equally share the roads with motor vehicles. Negligent and careless drivers can cause serious injuries to bike riders. Those injuries may even result in deaths. Our firm represents injured bike riders and the Estates of families who have lost a loved one in a bicycling accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a bicycle, contact us to discuss your legal options. We will take the time to review your case with you and inform you of what your legal rights are.

You can contact us by email (fill out the Contact Us section at the top right of this page or email Kentucky bicycle injury attorney Brent T. Ackerson at or click here to contact us online) or call us directly at (502) 882-5176. We will quickly return your calls and respond to your emails, even on nights and weekends.